Death Valley Ride
Nov. 2007

First thing, do not go to Death Valley in the summer. The record high is 134 degrees F. November thru May is about the only time it is comfortable.
In 1917, Death Valley recorded 52 days with temperatures over 120 degrees and 43 consecutive days over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


San Bernardino to Ridgecrest, CA., 117 Miles
Ridgecrest to Stovepipe Wells, 100 miles.
Stovepipe Wells to Furnace Creek Ranch, 27 miles.

Good Death Valley Map

Our obligatory photo op at the entrance to the park. We have a life time Senior Pass for all the Federal Parks.

Furnace Creek Ranch
Our first nights stay was at the Furnace Creek Ranch. Accommodations here were great. The Ranch has several different types of accommodations, cabins, rooms, deluxe and a camp ground. Prices vary.
Be sure to make reservations way ahead.

We stayed in the cabins, which were great. We have also stayed in the rooms, which are really nice but a long walk to the restaurants.

The 224 guest units are complemented by three restaurants, a saloon, a general store, The Borax Museum and a 3,040-foot airstrip. Boundless recreational opportunities include a spring-fed swimming pool, the world's lowest golf course (214 feet below sea level), tennis, horseback riding, horse-drawn carriage rides, hiking and touring.

Gas is rather Pricey at Furnace Creek. The only other place to get gas is Stovepipe Wells, which is about 30 miles away.

Behind Julie is the Bar, Cafe and General store

One long straight road. All we need now is a Michael Parks song.

Scotty's Castle was one of our fun stops. Elv. 3000' It can be chilly here



Bad Water Basin. Elv -282 feet below sea level

Longstreet Casino and Hotel
A nice Oasis in the middle of nowhere. When coming out of Death Valley, take a left at Death Valley Junction, it's about ten miles up the road. Nice rooms and good food.

  That sign actually says, "Welcome to Nevada." The early morning sun washed it out. It was also 40 degrees.

Death Valley Junction

Situated 90 miles from Las Vegas at the junction of California Highways 127 and 190 and a Death Valley shortcut road from Pahrump, Death Valley Junction rose from the sagebrush as a company town. Pacific Coast Borax Company constructed an adobe complex in the Mexican Colonial style from 1923-26 to house offices, a store, employee dormitory, a 23-room hotel, a dining room and a community hall near the T&T Railroad, short for Tonopah & Tidewater. The railroad is long gone but the highway south to Baker follows the old road bed.

All muffled up - a bright, sunny 40 degree F. morning.


Shoshone, not much here but GAS! and a museum.


baker world's largest thermometer
baker thermometer


Welcome to Baker, not the same since the original Bun Boy restaurant changed hands.