About Robert

I was born in the first half of the last century. Began riding when I was 13. My first motorcycle was a 1948 BSA that I bought for $50.00. I didn't have enough money for new inner tubes so I filled the tires with rope and old garden hose. My dad said that's the way they did it during WWII. My first new bike was a 1958 Ducati. Got that, a 1958 Ducati. I've had 3 Ducs since, loved 'em.  For over 50 years I've lived and breathed motorcycles. When I was in High School, mothers told their daughters, "I don't want you seeing that boy who rides a motorcycle."

 1965 Ducati at the old Perris Raceway, Perris, CA.

 1967 Norton P-11 at the old Riverside Int. Raceway. SRA Grand Prix

I served 30 years in the USAF. F-4 Phantoms replaced my motorcycles for a while. Served two tours in Vietnam, 66 and 67, and then in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. I retired in 1994 as a Master Sergeant. Went back to school, graduated from SBVC and Calif. Baptist Univ. and I am now employed at Riverside Comm. College in Moreno Valley.

 This is what I did during the war. I loaded bombs. A lot of them, too!
  The F-4 could carry 22  500lb. bombs.
 and Oh yes! My Rickman Zundapp at Perris.   What's a Rickman Zundapp you ask? Answer: A Cool motorcycle worth a lot of money today!

When I was stationed at Eglin AFB in Florida, I received an Article 15 (that's being bad in the military) for doing a wheelie all the way through the 33rd TFW area and out the gate. Mowed lawns for 2 months. Learned to ride in the rain while in FL whether I liked it or not.

  Being Cool! on my 750 Honda. It was fast but always broken   Route 66 at Seligman, AZ. I love Sportsters. I used to watch "Then Came Bronson"