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New ZootFresh USB Charging Port.  Scroll down.

Guardian Angel Pins (click here)

Bone Belts and Stuff  click here

Don't  ever lose another of your favorite pins. These are the HOT setup.
Use only one on pins with more than one stud.

Package of 10 w/allen wrench                $5.00
Chrome Skull Beads. Pack of 10      $6.00

Helmet Clip Set


If the snap connection on your helmet is uncomfortable,  these helmet clip sets are easy to install,   $3.00/set
(Not D.O.T. approved)


  • Adjustable length
  • Fits any size boot or length of pants
  • Made with high quality heavy duty elastic bands
  • Once you try them, you won't want to ride without them!
  • Made in USA...$15.95

ZootFresh USB charging port with LED attaches to the battery charger connection already under your seat.  Always on, limited to 1 amp to save your battery. Charges all phones.  Fits in your pocket.  Designed and built in Austin, Texas.  #BWHSAB1..$19.99

We are an Authorized Dealer for CRAMP BUSTERS


The Affordable Cruise Assist:
CrampBuster is proud to announce that their patented CrampBuster is now available in 5 models; a Standard and a Wide model in the 1 1/8" diameter for metric and stock Harleys, an Oversized and an Oversized Wide model in the 1 3/8" diameter for oversized grips. All 5 models sell for just $10.95 each. They carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage, with a free replacement warrantee.

CrampBuster is proud to receive Motor Cyclist Magazines’ highest 5 star product ranking. In the special September 2008 issue Motor Cyclist Magazine states, “the mighty little CrampBuster is a necessity for every long-distance rider’s tank bag that does just what the name suggests”. Wrapped around the twist grip, it allows you to maintain throttle with the palm of your hand as opposed to utilizing your grip, permitting the relaxation of otherwise tensed forearm and wrist muscles.


    Model CB1   Cramp Busters are only $10.95ea
 CB1 & CB2 Fit 1 1/8" diameter and smaller grips


  Model CB2 Wide     


Model CB3 Narrow


Model CB3, CB4 & CB4 Chrome
  Fit 1 3/8"  diameter and larger grips



  Model CB 4 Wide


Model CB4-Chrome Wide