Your choice of 3 types of beads and 4 types of conchos for ALL products.


  Our Finest! - Two, Three and Four strand beaded with concho belts are hand crafted in the USA with a Native American and Biker spirit. Whether you are a Rock and Roll musician, Biker or average person our belts are handmade and built to last... We guarantee it! We only use the highest quality genuine leather, cow bone and buffalo horn beads with authentic Buffalo & Indian head nickels, our unique conchos and belt buckles.  Order belts 2" longer than your waist size.


Ultra Thin Earrings.


2 Strand Belts $49.95

3 Strand Belts $74.95

4 Strand Belts $124.95

All belts are custom made. Order 2" longer than your waist size.  Note there is a $10.00 extra charge for sizes over 44".


 2 Strand Bracelets $15.95
 3 Strand Bracelets $19.95
 4 Strand Bracelets $24.95
 8 Strand Bracelets $49.95

                       2 strand Vest Extenders $8.95                                   3 Strand Vest Extenders  $12.95

       Eagle Vest Extenders $12.95 These are cool!
  Life Time Product Guarantee: If it breaks, we fix it and you only pay the postage.
If your size changes, we will re-string your belt for a minimal fee.
2 Strand Belt $10, 3 Strand Belts $15 and 4 Strand Belts are $20, plus postage.