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Invader Sunglasses, Black frame with grey tint or black frame with orange tint.
This is our best selling pair of glasses. RX ready.
$69.99 includes case.


IGNITE SPARKS with these glasses that are ideal for the practical yet style conscious person. The wrap around frame is made of flexible, durable Grilamid TR90 and the open cell foam keeps wind and debris out of the eyes. Continue wearing this piece of eyewear from day into evening due to the photochromic lenses, which adjust to UV light. The Invader photochromic lenses have a transmission rate of 47% while in low light conditions and 15% in direct sunlight. Life time warranty.

    What we sell is tested by us. . .

During our recent trip to Death Valley, we chose the BOBSTER INVADER riding glasses to beat the intense and varying lighting conditions of Death Valley. Believe me the sun is not only hot in Death Valley but quite bright.

-Frame options: Gloss black, Matte black and Tortoise
-Shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses: polycarbonate is the material used for bullet resistant glass in cars and is also used for safety glasses. A diamond blade and grinding wheel are used to cut and polish the lenses.
-2 sets of lenses: smoke and clear
-Unobstructed 180 degree view
-Helmet friendly temples tuck behind ears
-Includes carrying case and internal lens pockets

Note:  The Toric 2 is replacement style for the discontinued Eyeride Toric.


With a comfortable, goggle-like fit and advanced optical filters, the Eyeride Toric 2 is also an ideal solution to eye strain and discomfort usually associated with extended wear and strong winds. And, as if that wasn't enough, this system also includes interchangeable clear lenses perfect for night riding and a durable hard shell carrying case. The Eyeride Toric 2 truly redefines the standard for the performance-minded rider and motorsports enthusiast.
3 Styles: Gloss Black, Flat Black, and Tortoise....$45.00

Gloss black and flat black out of stock.





Everyone who rides needs proper eyewear!

Cool black wraps with silver flame frames ..$9.99
Out of stock

Classic 2 Aviator Goggle

  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses
  • UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection
  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Vinyl Covered Thick Foam with Fabric Covered Inside
  • Padding that Extends Down the Nose Area for added Comfort
  • Classic Aviator Split Lens Design
  • Adjustable Strap with Anti-Slip Grip Strip
  • Chrome Look Hinges on Strap Ends
  • Can be worn Inside or Outside of Helmet
  • Double-Sided Anti-Fog Coating
  • Clear or Smoke Lenses


Aviator Goggles.  $29.99
These look great with the German style helmets


Finding riding glasses that are comfortable under a helmet isn’t easy.  Either the wind gets in and you tear up, or the sides start to dig into your temples causing great pain.  For the last few weeks we’ve been test riding the new “Fuel” photochromic goggles by Bobster, and we’re very impressed.  The Fuel goggle comes with lenses that get darker in the sunlight and neoprene foam lined with fleece for additional comfort round your eyes. The yellow photochromic lenses start with a yellow color and transform to a smoked tint in bright UV light. The Fuel goggle is also available with clear lenses.  These start with a light tint and transform to medium gray.  The lenses are polycarbonate, shatter resistant and come with an anti-fog coating. The Fuel also comes with a microfiber pouch for easy transport.   Suggested retail is $49.95.