Cook's Corner Icons, Past and Present . . . . . .

     Of course we all know Ray French, the notorious Sheriff of Cook's Corner. If your ear ever looks like it needs bending, Ray will surely find you. Ray is a true renaissance man; composer, poet, song writer, male model, dancer and Dog Catcher. Watch out he always carries a bag of CDs to sell you!


Ray's beloved companion "Girl".

     Gary Lewan, former bartender at Cook's. Vietnam Vet, ordained Minister, musician, actor, sex instructor and gynecologist or at least that's what it said on his business card. Gary passed away in Oct. 2006.



Meet Dusty Switzer, . . Star of the movie, GIRL GONE BAD, a native-born Apache, ex-felon, ex-go-go dancer, and a single mother of three.

Cliff Larson, much-loved canyon artist.  Cliff's artwork adorned the exterior of Cooks until the remodeling two years ago.  Fortunately, a section of his art was preserved and can be seen inside Cooks behind the bandstand.

"Big Mac," former bartender at Cook's. One man you didn't mess with.   In Cook's older days, bicycle and Japanese bike riders that dared to come to Cook's occasionally found their bikes in the ditch. There used to be a sign over the bridge saying "Jap Bike Parking" with an arrow pointing into the creek.
Lt. Col. Joe "Jug" Pultorak, USMC, 1921-2009 came up with the idea of the Blessing of the Bikes 11-years ago. Joe or Jug is a real war hero. He flew fighter aircraft in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.